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Regulation Drill DVD: A Visual Manual for All Branches

Now available from our partners at Glendale Parade Store! This DVD is a visual manual for all 3 major service manuals in use for JROTC drill. Each common Regulation Drill movement is broken down step by step using excerpts from the manual. A perfect guide for learning to execute each movement properly or help brief a judging corps on the difference between service manuals, we are excited to announce this new DVD!


Drill Team Training Videos

Get a glimpse into Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. training with these videos of instruction given at workshops around the country.

Armed Exhibition Rifle Manual

Championship Snap & Pop

Inspection Strategy

Posture Building Exercises


Before & After Videos

Check out the transformation of each team’s execution in these videos taken on the first and last days of training.

Vista Ridge Navy JROTC

Romeoville Marine Corps JROTC

East Paulding Air Force JROTC

Ringgold Army JROTC


Regulation Drill Videos

While reading your service’s drill manual may help you understand what is required of each movement, it’s often more effective to see the movement demonstrated properly.

Color Guard: Sling and Unsling Arms

Parade Rest (AFMAN 36-2203)

Parade Rest (Army TC 3-21.5)

The Position of Attention (All Manuals)

At Drill-Dynamics Inc., we don’t teach you how to manipulate and “game” your manual to fit current competitive trends; we train you to efficiently execute each movement as described and depicted. We firmly believe that adhering as closely as possible to the prescribed regulations will benefit your teams in the long run. While adding “flair” or “enhancements” to the regulations may be flashy, a strong team executing in strict accordance with their service manual is a rare gem!

Unarmed Exhibition Videos

Unarmed exhibition drill is one of the most challenging phases facing drill teams today. How do you create engaging sequences? How do you maintain military flavor and bearing? At Drill-Dynamics Inc., unarmed drill is a cornerstone of our training and our unarmed exhibition instruction is unparalleled in its depth and scope. We have begun the process of cataloging as many individual unarmed exhibition movements as possible with the goal of helping drill teams expand and diversify their routines!

DTD Coach Kirsten Pacheco

Whip Turns

Arm Snaps

Slaps & Stomps

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