Customized Drill Team Training


Looking to build a stronger drill team program for your unit?

Not sure where it start when it comes to teaching drill to your cadets?

Want to take your team’s execution and performance to the next level?

Unsure where to start when it comes to exhibition drill?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, keep on reading below!

We provide high-quality, customized training to any unit executing military drill!

Our training is completely tailored to your needs. Our years of experience as JROTC instructors, teachers, and drill team coaches within the school system has afforded us the opportunity to learn what is truly effective with cadets of all ages and skill levels. We have experts in both Armed and Unarmed drill as well as Color Guard.

Potential Training Sessions Include:

  • Regulation Drill
  • Unit Inspection
  • Color Guard
  • Armed Exhibition Drill
  • Unarmed Exhibition Drill
  • Competition Preparation
  • Uniform & Equipment Preparation
  • Drill Team Leadership

On-Site Training is Perfect For:

  • Units Wanting to Start a Drill Team Program
  • Teams Seeking Targeted Improvement
  • Units Looking to Advance to the Next Competitive Level
  • Teams Seeking to Learn Exhibition Drill
  • Groups Preparing for a Specific Meet or Event
  • Teams Looking to Jump-Start Their Season
  • Units Looking to Ramp Up Into Competition Season

What to Expect from Training:

Training typically occurs over a 2-3 day span encompassing 6-8 hours of instruction per day. We begin training the unit en masse from the ground up – this isn’t the style of training you’re used to – it goes a step further. Here, we introduce the unit to our fundamental concepts: proper carriage, championship-level snap & pop, and how to move the body with intensity. Your cadet commanders will begin learn what to look for in their teams and your cadets will begin to understand how practice should be conducted.

We continue to apply these concepts throughout training as move through the phases of competitive drill. Think you need more focus on Regulation? We can do that. Do you need time spent on Color Guard? We can do that. Looking to improve in Inspection? We can do that. Are you ready to grow or refine your Exhibition? We definitely do that. The next stages of your unit’s training are customized to meet the needs of the team!

When you work with Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. Coaches, you will soon realize that we don’t take breaks – every moment on site is an opportunity to teach and learn. When lunchtime rolls around, you can expect to see cadets in the classroom eating while also learning about proper practice efficiency, discussing how to deal with the drama that plagues every unit, and understanding exactly how much work top-notch units are putting into their competition/uniform preparation.

While our training is intense, vigorous, and very physical, it is NOT a mini-boot camp. We trust that you’ve laid the groundwork of discipline, esprit de corps, and work ethic that will allow your cadets to absorb the information and concepts presented to them during training. We highly encourage instructors to participate in the training alongside their cadets. We’ve found that the instructor remaining present and engaged makes all the difference in carrying the skills and abilities learned forward!

Ready to take your team to the next level?

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