Bringing Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. to your unit is very straight forward! However, here are some common questions we’ve been asked along the way. Do you have a question you don’t see answered here? Click here to CONTACT US!

What is training like?

Typically, units opt for 2-3 days of training with 6-8 hours of training per day. However, we are completely flexible and have the ability to work around your scheduling needs! We’ve conducted one-day functions and we’ve been asked to consult on week-long training workshops. At the end of the day, the most important concern is that we meet the needs of you and your cadets.

We have the ability to tailor training to your specific needs. Extensive consultation in advance of the workshop allows to collaboratively create a curriculum specific to your unit.

Potential Training Sessions Include:

  • Regulation Drill
  • Unit Inspection
  • Color Guard
  • Armed Exhibition Drill
  • Unarmed Exhibition Drill
  • Competition Preparation
  • Uniform & Equipment Preparation
  • Drill Team Leadership

While our training is intense, vigorous, and very physical, it is NOT a mini-boot camp. We trust that you’ve laid the groundwork of discipline, esprit de corps, and work ethic that will allow your cadets to absorb the information and concepts presented to them during training. We highly encourage instructors to participate in the training alongside their cadets. We’ve found that the instructor remaining present and engaged makes all the difference in carrying the skills and abilities learned forward!

How much does it cost?

Because we’ve lived the difficulties of harsh funding situations, we strive to keep our workshops AS AFFORDABLE AS POSSIBLE. We created Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. to serve programs. We do our best to ensure that costs remain as affordable as can be for YOU.

In addition to instructional costs, the host unit is expected to furnish any necessary travel and lodging considerations associated with training. We also utilize the Active Duty Per Diem rate of $41 per day per Coach for meals throughout training.

An exact estimate for training and sample workshop schedules can be provided FREE OF CHARGE by contacting us directly!

Why should I choose Drill-Team Dynamics Inc.?

You should choose Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. because of the staff of Drill Team Coaches we will bring to your cadets. From the ground up, we model and live success on and, more importantly, off the drill deck.

We were founded by JROTC instructors, teachers, and drill team coaches with real-world experience. Our training isn’t based on “trial and error” or “experience” alone; it’s research-based and battle-tested in the classroom. We count amongst our Staff JROTC instructors, classroom teachers, active duty & reserve officers, and officer candidates.

There are many gifted individuals with vast experience in training competing drill teams; we have done more. We have written curriculum. We have led Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. We have completed coursework in education. We have trained to succeed no matter what the mission. Drill unites us but success connects us.

When you choose Drill-Team Dynamics Inc., you choose to expose your cadets to individuals who have lived a lifestyle of success but chosen to give back to the community that taught them so much. You choose more than accolades, trophies, or awards. You choose experience. You choose professionals.

How specifically will you help us?

Firstly, we believe that drill is a varsity sport. This means that everyone – to include the JROTC Instructors – should be active participants in our workshops! Sometimes, this means instructors learn to spin but 100% of the time, it means demonstrating and practicing what it means to take drill team from being a club to being a sport in all facets.

Successful organizations rely on 3 key ingredients to succeed: People, Process, & Product. Our goal is to help develop the correct mindsets and habits in the cadets, support the JROTC instructors in their ongoing development as coaches, and teach strategies to improve the process of becoming a strong drill team. When the People and Process are consistently operating at a high level, the Product – the drill itself – will improve drastically.

Our job is to give you more tools for your toolbox and help guide your development as a drill team. Continuing that Process long after we are gone is the only way to see meaningful success on the drill deck!

Are you former cadets?

Many of us are. HOWEVER, what makes US different than anyone else is that 100% of our Drill Team Coaches have extensive experience beyond their time as a cadet. This may take several forms: being a JROTC/LOTC drill team coach, serving in the armed forces, training for a career in the military, classroom teaching, etc.

This means that our Drill Team Coaches are doing more than passing along what they learned during their high school days; they have a background in teaching and leading. For our staff who are not actively coaching at this moment, we require substantial evidence of successful youth interaction in the form of camps, clinics, prior coaching experience, or classroom teaching experience. We will NEVER send you someone whose ONLY real credentials are “winning championships as a high school cadet.” We hire only those who have demonstrated professional successes.

What the are the qualifications of Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. Drill Team Coaches?

All of our Drill Team Coaches have a strong background in military drill as coaches or competitors.  We count amongst our ranks National Champion coaches, former National Champion competitors, and World Champion professional drillers.

However, we do not require “championship credentials” but instead look for the qualities a professional educator should possess: professionalism and an ability to effectively instruct adolescents.   Personal excellence in these areas tends to foster excellence in others.  Furthermore, our Drill Team Coaches are screened for their ability to be positive, clean-cut, in-shape role models to your cadets.

Why don’t you list any school or team affiliations in your biographies?

Real teachers know it isn’t about them; it’s about the students.  Where we have been is insignificant compared to where we would like to see you go in the future!  We believe that it is both professional and ethical to divorce ourselves from the successes of our programs because that success is a result of many factors beyond our own involvement.

Why don’t you promise championships like other companies?

Only you and your cadets will determine the success or failure of a drill season.  Our job is to supplement your current training and give your teams more tools to utilize in your own endeavors.  When all is said and done, it is those on the drill deck, not us, that make championships happen.  Like any tool, it’s all about how you and your cadets choose to use what we teach!  There are no quick-fixes in drill and there is no substitute for hard work on the deck!

Will training in Regulation Drill be accurate or will you teach us modified “competitive drill?”

We will train your team to the manual of your choice. As a condition of employment, all our Drill Team Coaches must undergo professional development in regulation drill. We believe that the foundation of all excellence comes from strict accordance with manuals such as Marine Corps Order P5060.20, Army Training Circular 3-21.5, and AFMAN 36-2203. We don’t teach you “competitive trends” because while trends change constantly, manuals rarely do!

Where is your company based?

Though we largely operate out of Texas, we have a coast-to-coast staff ready to assist your team. Therefore, geography is a nonissue; we’ll select the Drill Team Coaches that best fit your needs and your location!

Where does Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. offer training workshops?

We’ll bring our workshops directly to your facilities!  We come to you!

What determines the cost of a training workshop?

The cost of our training workshops is determined by the number of attending Participants, the number of Drill Team Coaches required to keep our student-to-teacher ratio effective, and the number of workshop hours requested.  Travel, lodging, and meals for each Drill Team Coach are also a consideration and are furnished by the workshop Host.

Will you design and create an exhibition routine for us?

Our Drill Team Coaches will NOT design your team’s exhibition drill routine. We WILL teach you the principles and strategies of routine design and use example sequences to teach your cadets the many ways movements can be combined to create truly original routines.  Our creative exercises are unique and based on best-practice instruction used by classroom teachers around the country; you will not find a better learning lab for your cadets when it comes to learning HOW to make exhibition drill routines!

Why is developing your own routine so important?

An exhibition drill routine is a reflection of personality.  This is why we strongly believe that the creation of a drill routine is unique to each team!  We refuse to cheat you and your cadets of the bonding experience that comes with building a routine as a team.

How can I convince others that Drill Team is a varsity sport?

An extracurricular activity has a supervising sponsor and participants who hold meetings and enjoy field trips. Several times a week, those students who share a common interest come together to participate in this interest with the goal of learning, enjoyment, and companionship.

A varsity sport has coaches and players who push through practices to get results on the playing field. Every single waking moment is dedicated to performance on the field. From academic preparation to what each team member eats at every meal, everything is about the ability of the team to leave it all on the field when next they find themselves head to head with their opponents.

The single most important hurdle to overcome in attaining the success YOU want to attain as a drill team is changing the mentality of the team from that of an extracurricular activity to that of a varsity sport.

This means active coaching vs. passive supervision. This means sweat and hard work vs. socialization and fun. It means taking away
“fun” at each “meeting” and replacing it with the pain of practice. It means pushing through the drama and setting aside your own personal comfort for the good of the group. It means more hours, harder hours, more reps. It means that “good” never becomes “good enough.” But most importantly, it means sacrifice.

Now, there is NOTHING wrong with any extracurricular activity; anything that gets people involved and sharing their passion with others is something to be applauded. But you learn something different about yourself and your peers when you decide to treat drill like a sport instead of a club.

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