Want to save HOURS of work for you and your program?

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Do you want to produce a meet that will keep units coming back year after year?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, keep on reading below!

We provide affordable, professional-grade, tried-and-true drill competition logistics and oversight to ensure the success of your competition.

Our staff has decades of collective experience with drill meets of all sizes and styles. We have hosted hugely successful drill competitions as part of various cadet units, partnered to produce national-level competitions, and we want to leverage all this experience to help YOU create the ideal event for your program!

A drill competition can be a hugely valuable fundraising opportunity for your unit. However, many find that the stress, headaches, and endless complaints make the prospect of hosting a meet “more trouble than it’s worth.”

That’s where we step in.

Our Services Include:

  • On-Site Professional Scoring
  • Professional Judges’ Briefing
  • Active Monitoring of Each Drill Area
  • Complete Scoring Reports for Attendees
  • Advance Preparation Materials for All Drill Manuals
  • SOP/Drill Card Support & Creation

Partnering with Drill-Team Dynamics Inc.

It all starts with a thorough initial review of your existing competition materials. If you’re hosting a meet for the first time, it means creating materials that suit the needs of your attendees. These materials include SOPs/LOIs, drill cards, scoresheets, drill deck dimensions, etc. We will provide targeted recommendations to maximize the experience of each cadet while providing fairness and accuracy to your competition.

On the day of the competition, we will assist with on-site scoring supervised by one of our highly qualified staff members. We will provide a comprehensive judges’ briefing and follow it up with active monitoring of all drill areas throughout the competition.

At the conclusion of the day, we will provide each attendee with a complete scoring report as well as their own scoresheets. Each unit will see visual evidence that their scores were checked and DOUBLE CHECKED by our staff.

Furthermore, each attending unit will receive a gift from our partner at Glendale Parade Store and access to exclusive pricing and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone knows that hosting a drill meet is a huge logistical challenge. Arguably, the most important “make or break” factor in a meet is the scoring and grading. Our team will provide you with a scoring system and process to yield accurate results. When your scores are distributed, you can be confident they have been checked and double-checked.

Another area of concern is judging. Our team will brief your judges, provide advance materials on the various manuals, and provide on-site oversight throughout the entire competition day. We will keep your meet flowing smoothly and answer any questions attending instructors might have about judging.

At the end of the day, we want to take the most stressful part of the day out of your hands. We will continue to support the meet and answer questions from attendees as they digest their complete scoring reports!

Our scoring & logistics packages are extremely affordable! The main components associated with our services are travel, lodging, and on-site consultation. These can vary greatly by region and need. Because every competition is different, we encourage you to contact us using the form below so we can provide you with an accurate estimate!
We will NOT use “paperless scoring” (through the use of tablets or iPads) at your competition. A paper trail is essential to a fair and transparent meet.

Our scoring system is the most efficient available and comes with the benefit of a paper trail to back up any digital data. This allow us to visually monitor for errors, issues, or anomalies common in meet judging.

You can be confident that the physical score sheets will travel from the drill deck securely, be entered, checked, and double-checked for accuracy and for any anomalies that may need to be addressed. Any changes will be signed for and you will physically see initials of both the initial check and the double check. You can physically see evidence of our system at work. “Paperless Scoring” simply does not allow for the same level of oversight and accuracy.

We are 100% about the cadets. With every decision we make and every system we implement, we keep the stars of the show – the students – first.

Cadet competition is life-changing when executed correctly and can be devastating if mishandled. We want to help you provide an experience that will keep you units clamoring to come back the next year. We believe we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve this goal and you can be assured that we are bringing our decades of experience to the table in service of each and every cadet attendee.


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