Drill Team Recruiting


Do you wish MORE cadets would come out for drill team?

Are you struggling with RETENTION?

Do you have a small group of dedicated cadets but want to GROW?

Need help introducing the basics to your cadets?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, keep on reading below!

We expose all your cadets to what drill team is all about and follow it up with a fun weekend of training!

Many units struggle each year to field enough cadets to compete successfully. Many have a small group of dedicated cadets but struggle to pull more cadets onto the drill team and color guard units. Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. will get your unit started on the right (or left) foot!

Training Covers the Following:

  • Fundamentals of Drill
  • Basic Rifle Handling
  • Introduction to Competitive Color Guard
  • Basic Armed Exhibition
  • Concepts of Unarmed Exhibition
  • Inspection Phase Overview
  • Preparing for Competitions
  • Drill Team Leadership

Drill Team Recruiting & Retention:

Unique to Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. are our packages for teams looking to expose more of their cadet corps to the benefits of drill team!

If you have a small group of dedicated cadets on your drill team but wish MORE of your general cadet corps would come out and give it a shot, let us help you out!

The first day of training will be conducted during a school day for ALL of your classes! (Or you can simply opt to invite all interested cadets to attend training!) Then, cadets can continue on for two more days of weekend training designed to expose them to all the disciplines of drill. They’ll learn regulation drill concepts and even get their feet wet with unarmed and armed exhibition drill! Everyone is welcome and no cadet is turned away! The goal is to empower these cadets to stick with the team and continue to come to practices!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. can help get your teams started strong!

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