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High-quality, customized training for any military drill team.

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We train to Championship standards of execution in strict accordance with all major service manuals!

  • Overall Snap & Pop
  • Regulation Execution & Strategy
  • Unit Inspection



We train your team to create, develop, and perfect armed & unarmed exhibition drill movements and sequences!

  • Routine Design Concepts
  • Armed & Unarmed Exhibition Techniques
  • Creative Sequence-Building



We train your team in Championship preparation techniques designed to take you to the next level!

  • Championship Inspection Preparation
  • Uniform Preparation
  • Running an Effective Practice



We train your team to adapt and overcome common obstacles using real-life scenarios and experience-backed techniques.

  • How to Handle Drama
  • Conflict Management
  • Overall Character Development

What makes Drill-Team Dynamics different?

The People

Our training staff is hand-selected for their ability to instruct effectively, their history of personal and professional successes, and their commitment to helping young people. We offer the most qualified and professional trainers available anywhere.

The Product

Our training methods go beyond “what worked for us.” We’ve spent countless hours refining our techniques with groups ranging from middle schools to collegiate ROTC programs. Our instruction will meet you where you are today.

The Relationship

Just because on-site training has concluded doesn’t mean that we disappear. We continue to be an open-book resource to any unit seeking additional information. You’re getting a weekend with us but lifetime access to all we know.

Types of Training We Offer

Paloma Valley High School NJROTC InstructionWe offer customized, on-site drill team training workshops. Our staff of professional Drill Team Coaches travels to YOU to deliver a training experience second to none.

Typically, units opt for 2-3 days of training with 6-8 hours of training per day. However, we are completely flexible
and have the ability to work around your scheduling needs! Extensive consultation in advance of the workshop allows to collaboratively create a curriculum specific to your unit.

While our training is intense, vigorous, and very physical, it is NOT a mini-boot camp. We trust that you’ve laid the
groundwork of discipline, esprit de corps, and work ethic that will allow your cadets to absorb the information and concepts presented to them during training. We highly encourage instructors to participate in the training alongside their cadets. We’ve found that the instructor remaining present and engaged makes all the difference in carrying the skills and abilities learned forward! Learn More »

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Paloma Valley High School NJROTC InstructionWe visit your program to expose ALL your cadets to what Drill Team is all about! Then, we follow it up with fun weekend of training designed to empower and retain interested cadets!

Many programs around the country struggle to field fully-staffed drill teams. If you have a small group of dedicated cadets but wish MORE of your cadet corps would come out for drill, let our staff jump start your drill team program! This style of training is perfect for teams at newly opened units, programs who have never before fielded competitive drill teams, or programs who are looking to re-establish a quality drill team program.

This training regimen lasts 3 days. We’ll first expose all your cadets to what drill team is all about – the snap, pop, and FUN that comes with being on the team! Cadets can then continue to attend the weekend training sessions during which we will expose them to each discipline of drill. Your dedicated drill team cadets will learn the ins and outs of TEACHING drill to new cadets as well as strategies to ensure retention of cadets throughout the season! Our goal is to help you develop a larger base of participation for your unit! Learn More »

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In this one-of-a-kind Junior ROTC Instructor Seminar, attendees will gain insight into the creation, building, and sustaining of a successful drill team unit delivered our corps of highly-seasoned, highly-successful Junior ROTC Instructors. This seminar is about more than just the drill: it’s about providing you the best-practices that have propelled start-up programs into nationally-recognized ones – all while changing lives forever through the vehicle of DRILL! Learn More »

Don’t take it from us. Watch this video and see what our previous seminar attendees had to say:

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Paloma Valley High School NJROTC Instruction

Each year, we conduct Regional Workshops designed to introduce your drill team members to the core concepts of a successful drill team. This 3-day training encompasses all aspects of competitive drill: regulation, color guard, inspection, and exhibition drill. Furthermore, these workshops are designed to empower each cadet to return to their unit a stronger teacher and leader. Cadets are challenged to think critically about each phase of competition and to absorb not only WHAT is taught but HOW to teach it to their own teams. Regional Workshops are designed to be highly economical and an outstanding entry point into the world of Drill-Team Dynamics Inc. training! Learn More »

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Paloma Valley High School NJROTC Instruction

For those within striking distance of one of our Coaches, we offer personal training at an affordable rate. Our Coaches are World Championship drillers with years of experience in their craft. We’ve worked with numerous individuals helping to develop proficiency, versatility, and confidence in a professional, one-on-one coaching scenario custom tailored to the needs of each individual. Our personal training is not only designed to improve each individual’s skill but also to make them an outstanding asset to their unit through a focus on leadership, instructional techniques, and personal growth.

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What The Teams Are Saying

Our clients will tell you that we go above and beyond to service the needs of the unit and work hard to maintain a professional relationship that is fruitful for your program. But don’t take it from us alone!

Watch this video and check out what the JROTC Instructors and Drill Team Advisers (our previous clients) have to say about our training!

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